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Objectified because of their outward appearance, women constantly clock into workplaces where they’re mistreated sexually, albeit by ‘catcalls’ or being ‘felt up’. Equally, as enterprising, worthy as leaders, and promotable, conservative estimates prove sexual harassment against women is still as alive today as it was 50 years ago. With 75% of all known cases going unreported out of fear of retaliation, the ridiculously high likelihood women of tomorrow are harassed at work suggests more work needs to be done.

The Kaufman Law Firm, advocates of equal rights and aggressive litigants of sexual harassment claims, have handled many claims where women feared terrible repercussions if they reported unwarranted sexual advances to constituents, supervisors, or human resources. We provide an aggressive sexual harassment attorney Thousand Oaks women and men know will fight in their corner until justice is served.

Legal Accountability Is Critical

Women who fear approaching immediate supervisors are often of the belief suing companies for sexual harassment will put themselves in trial instead of the perpetrators. This is absolutely false. Sure, there may be extensive media coverage if the corporation is popular, but women should never fear reporting wrongdoing, especially when it’s sexually inappropriate. Groping, fondling, being sent inappropriate selfies from male coworkers, the list goes on.

One major hitch in getting cases into court may involve whether the victim attempted to file, or successfully filed, an internal complaint. Company policy may require such, which is exactly what some women fear. Legally actionable harassment, however, does require proper filing with agencies outside of your attorney; not that victims’ claims are illegitimate unless they follow the chain of command, but the more agencies involved in claims, the better of other silent victims may be.

We’re aggressive in litigating claims for victims of sexual assault and similar crimes. Locally, the sexual harassment attorney Thousand Oaks men and women rely on for accurate litigation and vicious negotiation is The Kaufman Law Firm. Consult with our firm if you’re scared of any serious ramifications of reporting incidents directly to HR, EEOC, or FEHA, and we’ll do whatever it takes to assist in perfecting your claim.

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In an EEOC 2015 case study, anywhere between 25% to 85% of women working in America have endured some form of sexual harassment. When a major governing body gives a 60% spread in statistics, it usually means so many cases exist that guessing is their best recourse. That’s up to 9 out of every 10 working women, in some form, are inappropriately touched, talked to (or about), or outright raped. Unacceptable.

With our Thousand Oaks sexual harassment attorney working your case, getting to the bottom of your claim is mandatory for us. Because not another minute of your nightmare needs to continue.

If you’ve been victimized by male or female coworkers’ sexual advances, there’s no better time than now to end it. The Kaufman Law Firm wants to speak with you immediately, at no initial cost. You may be entitled to compensation based on lost wages and pain and suffering.

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