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In California, it’s not illegal to fire someone. People lose their jobs quite often, often stemming from tardiness or excessive absences, poor job performance and similar. What is illegal is terminating employees for whistleblowing, refusing sexual advances, because they won’t convert religions, or because they belong to protected classes. Some employers even terminate based on gender.

The Kaufman Law Firm provides uncompromising representation for victims of wrongful termination. Featuring a wrongful termination attorney Thousand Oaks companies have grown to respect, employees who been mistreated, harassed then terminated for a myriad of reasons may be entitled to financial relief based on the facts surrounding their cases. Our fierce style of litigation is appreciated by many.

Why Wrongful Terminations Occur

According to California statutes, employment contracts are written so either employee or employer can opt out “at will”. Courts have contended that, absence of a written contract, terminating employees without reason have limitations levied by public policy; for example, threatening to terminate employees may result in crimes being committed against the company. In short, California laws allow employers to terminate workers for any legal reason.

In order for employees to file tortious wrongful termination cases, the dismissal must have broken public policy or federal statutes. For example, employers may terminate individuals who poorly perform but cannot terminate racial groups who excel at their position, but retain those of a different race who perform poorly. California FEHA is the initial point of contact for wrongful discharge claims, and will review facts surrounding the violation before clearing employees to seek private action.

It’s difficult to determine what motivates employers to wrongfully terminated people, especially those who never missed a day and perform their duties at or above expectations. The Kaufman Law Firm has taken cases where unjustly discharged employees were highly regarded at work by coworkers, but discharged because their marital status wasn’t what the supervisor expected. Others have been terminated for attending confession during their lunch hour, while even more undergo racial harassment.

By retaining the wrongful termination attorney Thousand Oaks employees have trusted for years, employees gain an advocate with incalculable courtroom experience who’s prepared to take cases as far up the legal ladder as necessary. Judging by the financial awards we’ve secured for employees, our services are both effective and fair.

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There are so many reasons why employers mistreat their workforce, many which make little if any sense. It happens every day. Families are destroyed, and employees find themselves searching for new work to keep bills paid.

Plaintiffs who bring us claims of wrongful termination receive personalized attention and excellence in representation. Whether claims are Title VII related, or involve another protected class, The Kaufman Law Firm wants to hear from you. Statute of limitations apply to many employment law claims, which means we need to get work immediately to hold the employer financially liable.

Consultations cost nothing. Find out why the best wrongful termination attorney Thousand Oaks residents can retain is within The Kaufman Law Firm.