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Non-exempt workers are entitled to wages consistent with state and federal regulations.This includes being paid for overtime work, extra duties as requested by supervisors, commission income and whatever wage package employees were promised upon accepting employment. Once employers breach their duties to pay fair wages and 1.5 times current rate for overtime, significant penalties may be imposed, including backpay to employee(s) affected.

The Kaufman Law Firm, proficient and compassionate when taking employment law cases, features the energetic wage and hour dispute attorney Thousand Oaks workers know will fight their wage claim hard. Having spent many years litigating companies across California, our accurate negotiation tactics and hard-nosed style of courtroom litigation help clients get justice when they didn’t believe they could.

We Handle Wage Claims Like Yours

Most unpaid wage claims involve dishonest employers. Accidents, when spotted, are normally fixed by human resources; blatant wage fraud exists when employers know they’re improperly paying staff, and could care less what others think. FEHA and EEOC, to name two, are watchdog government agencies who dedicate time and resources in assuring employees are paid fairly.

Fair payment includes:

  • Wages which were promised at ‘x’ rate, which was agreed upon between you and company;
  • Extra pay for every hour of overtime at the Federal rate of 1.5 times hourly rate;
  • Commissions as agreed upon, often an addendum to current pay;
  • Performance bonuses agreed upon when certain milestones are achieved;
  • Paying for lunch hour as promised, even if employee elects not to take it;
  • Travel time as promised, which means commute between two offices but not from employee’s home to their ‘home’ office.
  • 401k match if such benefits were promised.

The Kaufman Law Firm works closely with employees to gather evidence, including pay stubs and witness accounts. The more facts we’re able to collect, the better our Thousand Oaks wage and hour dispute attorney can litigate your case. Before any claims undergo our rigorous offense, the attorney will sit down with claimants to discuss our process, fee structure and what happens next.

Wage fraud, widespread across California with no end in sight, isn’t taken lightly by our firm. Families going without money earned suffer, and when they’re going without, somebody will be held accountable.

Let’s Discuss Your Wage Disparity Claim

A simple cost-benefit analysis of your case will help employees understand why hiring legal representation for their claims makes sense. Going up against well-paid corporate attorneys charged with protecting company interests is more intimidating that approaching your HR department to fix wages. Our experience allows your aggrievances to come across more ‘persuasively’ to those mistreating you.

You’re spending many hours working to support your family. When wages aren’t properly paid, bills start suffering. Food cabinets go from bountiful to barren relatively quick. And instead of saving for college tuition, you’re dipping deep into savings to pay mortgages.

Contact the wage and hour dispute attorney Thousand Oaks families have trusted for years, The Kaufman Law Firm, to complete your complimentary case evaluation. If wages are owed, we’ll help recover them.