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While most Southern California companies conduct business within the confines of employment law, a growing number of unsavory businesses are brought to justice annually. This means companies who mistreat employees for one reason or another are brought to class action, often costing millions of dollars that could’ve been avoided by listening to their employees.

The Kaufman Law Firm, practicing locally since 1993, is a well-respected Long Beach employment class action attorney knowledgeable in all areas of employment law. With over 100 class-action suits successfully netting over $50 million for wrongfully terminated employees, we’re poised to help groups of people mistreated at the workplace collect compensation for pain, loss of wages, and emotional distress.

What Employment Class Actions Accomplish

Individual lawsuits provide a single worker compensation for losses endured by employer negligence. Most times, these are settled outside of court but do nothing to administratively punish an employer’s actions or bring about change to policy. While we gladly take individual cases, droves of wronged workers seeking changes or stronger punishments, whether financial or punitive, form classes.

While there’s no specific number courts look for when certifying classes, larger groups work more favorably. They imbue a sense of urgency previously devoid in workplaces with ‘seedy’ practices. They awaken the executives to potential wrongdoing they may have been oblivious to.

While we’re capable of handling large client groups simultaneously, we have worked with other law firms to bring class actions against employers. The great thing about class actions is many times the plaintiffs aren’t required to appear, which allows you to carry on about your daily routine while we fight behind enemy lines to structure a favorable settlement, or wage war inside California courts.

Employer violations that most commonly get class action certified for The Kaufman Law Firm include:

  • Discrimination that affects numerous people, such as mass demotions of people of one race, sex or nationality
  • Wage issues, such as failure to pay overtime or pay federal minimum wage
  • Imposing off-hour duties without pay
  • Sexual harassment, a more serious class action that may bring criminal charges
  • Any other FLSA, EEOC, Civil Rights Act or ADA violation affecting a group of workers

With the assistance of our Long Beach employment class action attorney firm, we can help bring justice financially, and procedurally, to workers that wish to keep their jobs or simply want compensated for company wrongdoings.

Forming A Class Action

How classes are certified, or how many participants are required, is determined on a case-by-case basis. Courts generally aren’t fond of flooding 100 people into court simultaneously to fight cases individually, nor does it make good financial sense to bring individual action 100 times against your employer.

As our firm will place ‘fee shifting’ provisions into the settlement or jury award, participants in employment class actions often won’t need upfront costs.

If you believe others are being affected by the same employer misconduct as you, contact our Long Beach employment class action attorney. He can help reach out to individuals who may be interested in joining you in bringing the company to justice.