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You Have Rights As A Worker. I Will Help Protect Them.

What you need to know about workplace privacy

The Kaufman Law FirmDecember 27, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, there is no right to privacy against your employer enshrined in the Constitution. Generally, you must rely on state laws to guarantee your privacy. Typically, what is protected from a search by your employer depends upon what they are searching for. If it is something that is owned by your employer, […]

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California agency exists to protect your employee rights

The Kaufman Law FirmDecember 13, 2015

You may be familiar with well-known federal laws such as the Civil Rights Act and the Patriot Act. However, what you may not know is that the vast majority of rules that regulate your day-to-day life come from state and local governments. California is no exception to this general rule. The California Department of Industrial […]

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You have rights and protections as a whistle-blower

The Kaufman Law FirmNovember 15, 2015

Whistle-blowers conjure up images of trench coats and rainy nights. In reality, most whistle-blowing activity is reported online through a government website. Federal and California law provide a litany of protections for whistle-blowers to encourage them to come forward. Whistle blowing is a useful check on businesses and governments placing profits over people or the […]

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Work leave for domestic violence

The Kaufman Law FirmOctober 17, 2015

As an American worker, you have all sorts of rights afforded to you. So many in fact that it is understandable if you don’t know them all. For the most part, it is your employer’s responsibility to keep you informed of the rights you have that fit your situation. However, in cases of domestic violence, […]

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Awareness of your rights can make all the difference

The Kaufman Law FirmSeptember 25, 2015

Knowing your rights as an employee is an important part of getting the most out of your working life. Unfortunately, all too many workers in California do not know the full extent of their entitlements and their employer’s obligations toward them. This can often result in serious breaches of employee rights that go unreported for […]

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California woman in continuing discrimination case

The Kaufman Law FirmFebruary 25, 2015

If you fulfill the requirements of your position, then there is no reason you should be treated any differently from other employees who do the same. However, it is a sad fact that numerous employees in California face discrimination in their place of work every day. This violation of their employee rights not only makes […]

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New employment laws come into effect in 2015

The Kaufman Law FirmJanuary 20, 2015

Keeping up with the changes in state legislation can be difficult and this is no different in California. As such, you may not always be as informed about your rights as you might hope. For example, according to the California Chamber of Commerce, 2015 will see over 30 employment laws come into effect in 2015. […]

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Changes to California laws could help workers

The Kaufman Law FirmDecember 15, 2014

Knowing your rights is an important part of being happy in your place of work. Though you might hope that you will be fairly treated and judged on your merit and diligence, this is not always the case. All too often, employees in California are subjected to a hostile work environment every day. This can […]

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Know your rights as an employee with a disability

The Kaufman Law FirmSeptember 30, 2014

If you have a disability, there may be some things that you find harder to do than other people. However, this does not mean you are any less willing to do them or capable of doing them well. This includes finding employment. Just because you have a disability, this does not mean you are not […]

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What are your rights as an employee?

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 14, 2014

Knowing what sort of treatment you should be able to expect from your employer enables you to challenge them if you feel they have acted unjustly. Every employee has basic work rights and these should be upheld by their employer and their colleagues. The exact rules vary from one state to the next, but some […]

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