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Sexual Harassment At Any Age

The Kaufman Law FirmApril 26, 2019

As parents, there is nothing more concerning than the life of your children. You do all you can to make sure that your children feel safe and protected. At home, you may monitor their social media use or you may keep an eye on what shows they watch. You may prevent your child from using […]

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A New California Law May Help Sexual Harassment Survivors

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 25, 2018

Your workplace should be a safe environment, free of discrimination, sexual harassment, and anything else that may make you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, is not always the case. Sexual harassment is far too prevalent now in the workplace. You see it on the news or read about it almost daily. Companies have been catching on and […]

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Gymnast Files a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against the US Olympic Committee: Why It’s Serious

The Kaufman Law FirmDecember 28, 2017

In the face of all the sexual misconduct allegations that are flying around across a myriad of industries in the U.S., USA Gymnastics is coming under fire for allegedly silencing victims of sexual abuse. In December, U.S. gymnast McKayla Maroney took legal action against the United States Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics, accusing the organizations’ […]

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Sexual harassment is not always physical

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 29, 2017

Throughout California, many workers suffer unfair treatment from their colleagues or employers. This can take many forms and occur for many reasons, but often this mistreatment is rooted in some form of discrimination. A particularly common variety of this is discrimination based on gender or sexuality. Employees find themselves being targeted with unwanted sexual advances, […]

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Woman loses job after making a sexual harassment complaint

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 17, 2017

Anti-discrimination, pay equity, disability rights, and many more laws have been passed with the goal of ensuring that the workplace is an accessible and safe environment for everyone who wants to work, regardless of their circumstances. In keeping with this new tradition, most people can easily identify blatant acts of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, instances of […]

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Are You Angry About Sexual Harassment? You Should Be

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 8, 2017

Sexual harassment is one of the most disgusting experiences that anyone may have to endure. If you take a moment to think about the reality of what’s going on in these cases, it’s enough to make any law-abiding citizen put up a fight. Fortunately, if you’re being victimized by on-the-job sexual harassment, the law is […]

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Sexual Harassment In California Universities

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 6, 2017

Many California residents may associate sexual harassment with the workplace. However, college campuses are not immune from this unwanted attention. The University of California system highlights how extensive this problem can be inside academia. The University of California system recently released 113 sexual harassment cases to the public. The accusations include sexual assault and innuendos. […]

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Do not stand for sexual harassment

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 3, 2017

Sexual harassment is unacceptable in any area of life and the workplace is no exception. You have the right to fair treatment and you should not have to suffer a hostile work environment. Sadly, many workers in California experience sexual abuse and harassment from colleagues or superiors every day. So prevalent is the problem that, […]

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Know how to identify sexual harassment at work

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 1, 2017

Sexual harassment is unacceptable in any area of life and the workplace is no exception. Sadly, there are many individuals in workplaces in California and throughout the United States who do not respect the rights of their colleagues. Whether you are the target of harassment or you notice it being directed at someone else, it […]

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Sexual harassment is usually not so blatant

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 1, 2017

Sexual harassment is one of the most insidious forms of workplace discrimination. It runs the gamut from the sleazy boss’ quid pro quo to the naive IT guy’s joke. It happens to both men and women. It costs money and squashes creativity. Everyone agrees it is bad, but many cannot agree on what it is. […]

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