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At-Will Employees Can Still Be Subject To Wrongful Termination

The Kaufman Law FirmNovember 18, 2014

If you are employed in California, there is a good chance that you are subject to employment-at-will rules. This means that you could be dismissed from your position for almost any reason, or no reason at all and at any time. If you do not have a contract and no specific agreement regarding the duration […]

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How Do You Know If You Have Been Illegally Dismissed?

The Kaufman Law FirmOctober 14, 2014

Losing your job is a horrible experience. Not only can it be upsetting and humiliating, but it may also leave you with severe financial worries. How will you keep up with day-to-day expenses? Furthermore, what happens if you have a family? In a previous article, we discussed the options that may be available to you […]

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What Are Your Rights After Being Dismissed From Your Job?

The Kaufman Law FirmSeptember 3, 2014

Being dismissed from your job is a deeply unpleasant thing to go through. But what if your dismissal was unfair, or even illegal? Sadly, many workers in California lose their jobs as the result of discrimination or because they refused to accept illegal actions on the part of their employer. In a previous article, we […]

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Former Teacher Pursues Federal Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

The Kaufman Law FirmJuly 30, 2014

You may find that there are some people you work with that you just can’t get along with. Of course, you have to remain professional and simply get on with your job. Unfortunately, some people allow their personal feelings to interfere with their work and create a hostile work environment for their colleagues or employees. […]

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Former Twitter Employee Claims Age Discrimination

The Kaufman Law FirmJuly 24, 2014

Some might assume that with age comes experience. Surely this would be a favorable characteristic in an employee, but sadly this is not always the case. Workers who are perfectly capable of doing their jobs find themselves being dismissed and replaced by younger employees. Furthermore, discrimination of this kind occurs in workplaces all over the […]

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Former Disney Employee Sues Over Alleged Wrongful Termination

The Kaufman Law FirmJune 19, 2014

Losing your job is never a pleasant experience, but what if you did nothing to deserve it? Or worse, what if you were fired because your employer simply thought you were too old? This is exactly what a former employee of Disney alleges happened to him. Now he is pursuing a wrongful termination claim in […]

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Road Supervisor To Receive $125,000 For Wrongful Discharge

The Kaufman Law FirmMay 21, 2014

The job market can be tough at times, so most workers will do their bit to fulfill their duties and hold onto their jobs. Unfortunately, many employees in California have their positions terminated unfairly. Regardless of their value as a worker, if they come into conflict with their employer, their job is at risk. Fear […]

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Office Politics Play Role In Wrongful Termination Case

The Kaufman Law FirmApril 4, 2014

A deputy sheriff sued his former department after he was fired, and the lawsuit earned him a $300,000 settlement. The case stemmed from an incident back in 2012, when the deputy sheriff opposed the re-election of the county sheriff. He used Facebook to campaign against the sheriff’s re-election — but when the sheriff found out […]

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