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You Have Rights As A Worker. I Will Help Protect Them.

What do you do when you’re wrongfully terminated?

The Kaufman Law FirmJune 29, 2018

It’s horrible when you get fired. Now you have to find a whole new source of income without any notice ahead of time. It’s even worse when you know it wasn’t fair. You may have a case for wrongful termination and not even know it. Most employees in the state of California can be terminated […]

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Constructive Discharge and Wrongful Termination: Can I Still Sue if I Quit?

The Kaufman Law FirmMay 18, 2018

You may have a variety of reasons for quitting your job. Perhaps the hours were terrible, or the pay was less than ideal. But, if you left because your employer made your workplace intolerable, you may have a legal claim. This type of action is called “constructive discharge.” Essentially, your employer has made your work […]

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The Impact Of Social Media On Your Wrongful Termination Case: Why You Should Deactivate Your Accounts

The Kaufman Law FirmMay 10, 2018

Social media has become a key part of our modern lifestyle. Some people cannot go a day without posting something on their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. And while you are probably aware of the fact that social media users are more prone to depression and low self-esteem, you have one more reason to quit social […]

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Fired To Avoid Paying Commissions Or Bonuses: Is It Wrongful Termination?

The Kaufman Law FirmApril 13, 2018

California employment laws make it clear that firing an employee to avoid paying wages constitutes wrongful termination, but what about terminating a worker to avoid paying commissions or bonuses due? This is a problem that happens way too often, especially in the tech industry and among start-up companies, and many terminated workers in Los Angeles […]

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What Every Employee Should Know About Wrongful Termination

The Kaufman Law FirmMarch 15, 2018

It’s not uncommon for Californians to lose their job, although not always through their own guilt. Being a no-fault state empowers businesses around the Golden State to willfully terminate someone’s employment ‘just because’. However, as your wrongful termination attorney may tell you, whistleblowing, even uncovering hazardous workplace conditions, can lead to your untimely firing. Before […]

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Here Are 4 Employee Rights You Must DEMAND After Wrongful Termination

The Kaufman Law FirmFebruary 17, 2018

One might think that it cannot get any worse after you’re wrongfully terminated. Unfortunately, it can. Losing a job, per se, is one of life’s most devastating experiences for anyone. But being fired or being forced to quit your job under unlawful circumstances is not the only bad thing that can happen to you. Even […]

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Illegal Reasons For Firing Employees

The Kaufman Law FirmOctober 16, 2017

Employees in California work at will, which means they can be fired at any time for any lawful reason. However, it is illegal firing an employee on the basis of discrimination or retaliation. These exclusions are valid for both, at-will and contract employees. A Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney can take a look at your […]

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Debunking 5 Myths About Wrongful Termination

The Kaufman Law FirmOctober 7, 2017

Wrongful termination. These two words can do much damage to a business if a former employee proves that his/her firing was illegal. And yet there are so many myths and misconceptions revolving around these two words. “How can you possibly NOT understand wrongful termination? Wrongful clearly means unfair!” one might think. But it’s not that […]

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Can You Be Fired For Taking Sick Days?

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 14, 2017

The United States is an at-will employment country. At-will employment means that you can quit for any reason and your employer can fire you for any reason. The reason does not need to be fair nor reasonable. Your employer can fire you for wearing pink on Wednesdays, and you can quit because your boss wore […]

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When Should I Consider Suing An Employer?

The Kaufman Law FirmAugust 4, 2017

If you suffer an injury on the job, you may think it’s time to get a lawyer and sue your employer. Not so fast — in most cases, workers’ compensation keeps an employer safe from lawsuits ad covers the costs of treating an employee’s injuries and other losses. If you simply suffered an injury in […]

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