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When Others Don’t Want You To Report: Sexual Harassment
On behalf of The Kaufman Law Firm posted in Sexual Harassment on Friday, November 23, 2018.

In recent years, there has been a campaign to educate parents on how to prevent and handle sexual abuse happening to their children. A prevention is telling their children that they don’t have to hug or kiss someone if they don’t want to. This means any family or friends that the child is frequently around. This also means dealing with family and friends during holidays. Parents are also being taught to encourage children to talk about what is going on in their lives, and teaching children about boundaries. The main idea is that if we are to create a culture where girls and boys know how to say “no” and believe it, then they need to be respected at an early age when they say it even if it is to close family members. If not, then we are sending mixed signals to our youth. We are telling them you can say “no”, but sometimes you just have to do it. This mixed signal to the wrong person can cause some serious consequences.

Thousand Oaks suffered a horrific mass murdering at Borderline Bar and Grill killing 12 people and injuring many. The gunman was an ex-Marine with a history of sexual harassment and violence. In particular, when the gunman was in high school, he sexual assaulted his track coach, Dominique Colell Ballard. During practice Ballard found a what she thought was a misplaced cell phone. The gunman was angered by Ballard touching his phone, even though she didn’t know it was his, and he proceed to yell obscenities at her and then proceeded to grope her stomach and back side. Ballard kicked him off the team. However, the administration thought differently. Because Ballard’s charges would effect the student’s chances of getting into the Marines, they pressured Ballard to accept an apology and allow the gunman to continue to practice on the team. Ten years later the student who groped her was the gunman who shot up the bar. When Ballard heard the news she was not surprised.

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Ballard’s story is all to familiar. A woman is harassed, yet the future of the male supersedes any discomfort or safety of the person he violated. Once again, a man with a history of sexual harassment has committed an atrocity. We will never know if anything would have changed had the school administration actually took Ballard’s harassment seriously. Don’t let Ballard’s story be yours.

Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys at The Kaufman Law Firm in Thousand Oaks know that choosing to say something is hard. Choosing to say something and then facing adversity because you said something is worse. With over 25 years of experience, our Sexual Harassment Attorneys have the experience and knowledge to get you the justice you deserve. We know that this is not easy. We understand the pressures sexual assault victims feel to cover up their story. We are ready to hear your story and we believe you. Call us 818-990-1999 or click here to start working with our experienced team to ensure your story is heard.

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