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Sexual Harassment is No Longer “Harmless” Fun
On behalf of The Kaufman Law Firm posted in Sexual Harassment on Saturday, July 28, 2018.

The last few years have changed everything about how sexual harassment is treated. From Hollywood to media offices around the country, we are finally realizing as a country that no form of sexual harassment is okay. The old days of pushing things under the carpet and calling them “harmless” are gone for good.

You have a voice and we hear it.

If you need a sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles, the Kaufman Law Firm is ready to fight by your side. We take this issue seriously and you can count on us to have your back through the whole process.

In The Workplace

Workplace sexual harassment is not just something that inconveniences your day – it jeopardizes your entire career, income, and livelihood. If it happens to you, you may feel like you are stuck dealing with it because you have no other choice.

That’s not true. You do have a choice and you have a voice. We want to help you speak up and call out behaviors that make you uncomfortable.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

When people think of sexual harassment, they immediately think of physical contact. If someone touches you at work and the contact is unwanted, that is sexual harassment. But often it’s not the obvious things like unwanted kissing or groping. It goes beyond that. Most of the time it is more subtle behavior.

Maybe it’s a coworker who always grazes against you when they walk by. Maybe they brush your hair with their hands. ANY unwanted physical contact is out of bounds and inappropriate.

We also want you to know that sexual harassment is non-physical as well and it can be just as damaging.

Has a coworker ever stood in a doorway and not let you through? Has someone made comments about how you dress or that they would like to date you, even after you’ve told them to stop? Do coworkers talk about how you’ll surely get a raise because you “look so good.”

That is sexual harassment.

If It Happens To You

In the past, workplace culture has deemed this kind of behavior acceptable. To speak up about it was impossible because you could lose your job. You’d be told that it’s not a big deal and that the person who is doing it is a “good person.”

How could you report a “good person?”

No more. You do not have to stay silent.

The “Me Too” movement that has swept across the country has shown us that the time for change is now. The movement has brought to light behaviors that were once deemed acceptable but will no longer be tolerated.

If you’ve been sexually harassed at work and are afraid of what to do next, we are ready to help. Contact us at the Kaufman Law Firm by clicking here or calling us at 818-990-1999. Our sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles will make sure your voice is heard and that you are treated fairly. Nobody deserves to work in a hostile environment.

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