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Signs of Sexual Harassment in Sports (Find Out if You Can Sue Famous Sportsmen For Sexual Misconduct)
On behalf of The Kaufman Law Firm posted in Sexual Harassment on Friday, December 1, 2017.

Amid sexual harassment scandals brewing in Hollywood, claims of sexual misconduct have echoed across many other industries in the U.S.

One such industry is sports. It may sound surprising to many, but the sports industry – be it football, basketball, soccer or even MMA – is full of sexual harassment and misconduct against both females and males.

Our sexual harassment attorney here at the Kaufman Law Firm says that like injuries, sexual harassment has accompanied pretty much every sport since the dawn of time.

Our lawyers explain that the reasons behind the troubling frequency of sexual harassment incidents in the sports industry are associated with:

  • Self-absorbed and confident male sportsmen (the so-called macho men) who believe every woman is dreaming about getting groped by or sleeping with them
  • High testosterone levels among many sportsmen and athletes who see the need to project their alpha maleness on other males and females around
  • Gender discriminatory practices in female sports, as many coaches and team executives recruit female players to get on the team solely or mostly based on their appearances (and some may expect sexual favours in return)
  • Female sportsmen being in the center of attention during games or training, which may lead to a higher risk of sexual harassment from males.

This is a non-exhaustive list of reasons of sexual harassment in sports that may provide explanation – but by no means justification – of certain behaviours during games or in locker rooms.

Is the sexual harassment problem in sports new?

Here at the Kaufman Law Firm, our Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys have observed a sharp uptick in sexual misconduct complaints from women and men across many industries, including in sports.

Since the Hollywood’s revelations about sexual misconduct began trickling in in early October, our lawyers have offered free initial consultations to over 60 women who wanted to file a sexual harassment claim and to take legal action against harassers in the sports industry.

By no means does it mean that the problem of sexual harassment and abuse in the sports industry started only last month. All it means is that the sex scandals gripping Hollywood have empowered hundreds of women and encouraged them to speak out about sexual misconduct across all industries and workplaces in Los Angeles.

As noted by journalist Richard Deitsch in a recent piece for Sports Illustrated, the problem of sexual harassment in sports has been around for ages. And even though sexual misconduct incidents in sports were reported by brave women every now and then, they have never had the same amount of traction in the media they do now in the post-Harvey Weinstein world.

What is considered sexual harassment in sports?

Cases of sexual harassment in sports include but are not limited to:

  • College students playing sports inviting female students to the locker room for sexual harassment purposes.
  • College students playing sports inappropriately behaving during games toward female spectators.
  • NFL, NBA and other professional sportsmen groping female reporters or otherwise inappropriately behaving around female media staff during games or in locker rooms.
  • Coaches and other executives on the team sexually harassing their female sportsmen or players (groping, inappropriate touching, verbal harassment, etc.)
  • Demanding to go on dates or straightforwardly asking for sexual favours from female sportsmen in return for promotions or a spot on the team.

These and many other cases of sexual harassment in sports are so prevalent in today’s world that they are almost “normalized” by our society.

However, our Los Angeles sexual harassment attorneys remind victims of sexual misconduct in sports that you may be entitled to obtain a reasonable compensation after filing a sexual harassment claim, which can not only help you get financial relief for having suffered disgusting and unsolicited sexual advances but also help teach other harassers in the sports industry a lesson.

The change starts with you. Consult our experienced sexual harassment lawyers to find out about your most effective legal options when suing a harasser and filing a sexual misconduct claim.

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