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Are your employee rights being breached?
On behalf of The Kaufman Law Firm posted in Employee Rights on Thursday, April 2, 2015.

As most workers in California know, you have certain rights as an employee which are protected by law. If those rights are breached by your employer, you may have reason to file a lawsuit and seek justice for your mistreatment. However, many employees are unaware of the extent of their rights and as a result do not necessarily realize that they are experiencing unlawful treatment at work.

Your rights as an employee include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The right to be employed in a safe workplace. This means you should not be at risk from toxic substances, dangerous conditions or any other hazards that could put your life or health at risk. Your employer may need to provide training or safety equipment to protect you.
  • The right to receive fair wages based on the work you complete. You can investigate minimum wage laws in your home state to find out if you are being paid as much as you should.
  • The right to have privacy in terms of your possessions, private mail and private conversations. However, this does not necessarily extend to email conversations.
  • The right not to be discriminated or retaliated against or harassed in the workplace. If you are being made to feel uncomfortable at work, it is important to report it as soon as you feel able to do so.

As this article on employee rights explains, there are many other aspects of your employment that are governed by law, so if you feel you have been unfairly treated in any way, you might benefit from the advice of an attorney. He or she can tell you whether your rights may have been breached and might also be able to assist you in building your case and working toward a more favorable resolution to your situation.

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