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On behalf of The Kaufman Law Firm posted in Wrongful Termination on Monday, December 22, 2014.

It is a constant worry for many employees in California that they could be dismissed from their jobs with little to no notice, for just about any reason at all. Sadly, it is a reality many faces, but worse still, others face dismissal for simply doing their jobs. An employee who refuses to do something illegal or dangerous is completely within his or her rights to do so. However, some employers might threaten to dismiss them for being uncooperative.

Fortunately, this is illegal. Employers are not permitted to fire someone for refusing to do something that could have put them in danger. Furthermore, there are several other things that fall into this protected category. If you reported a company failing or a breach or procedure, this could also stand you in bad stead with your employer, even though you have done the right thing.

It is important to consider the whole situation carefully. If you are dismissed from your job for objecting to something dangerous or illegal, you may have a strong case for claiming wrongful termination. Similarly, as this article on termination explains, you could also make a claim if your dismissal was in breach of an existing contract.

If you feel that you may have been unfairly dismissed from your position, you might find wrongful termination lawyer advice helpful. He or she can help you to understand your rights and may be able to assist you with your claim. By standing up to your employer, not only can you increase your chances of a successful claim, but you may also be able to help prevent the same fate befalling future employees.

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