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State and federal labor laws protect employees from retaliation in the workplace. It is illegal for employers to punish an employee for reporting, resisting or opposing their unlawful conduct. Some employers do not respect these laws and try to get away with their unethical behavior. Whether you have been terminated, or withheld opportunities in the workplace due to a protected conduct, you should find out about your legal rights under those circumstances by contacting a Westlake Village retaliation attorney.

Laws protecting employees from retaliation

There are retaliation company policies together with state and federal laws that prohibit employers retaliation against workers when they seek to protect their legal rights, report employment violations, and go to court or serve as a witness. Retaliation can come in a variety of illegal ways such as:

Dealing with employer retaliation

When an employer retaliates against someone at work, the employee can either file a complaint with the government or hire an attorney to file a lawsuit. The employee must prove the employer who broke the law, as in the majority of cases it is not clear whether or not the employer engaged in the illegal behavior. Only the government agency where the claim was filed or your attorney can decide if your employer disrespected the code of conduct. If you have been victim of workplace retaliation, you should take action with an experienced attorney on your side as these are complex cases involving many details.

Retaliation can take many forms such as giving unjust negative reviews, taking unjustifiable disciplinary actions against employees, withholding raises and promotions, among countless others. Sometimes employees are exposed to stressful circumstances where they have to perform a physically demanding task without appropriate compensation. All these acts of retaliation are illegal.

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