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What you should know about a medical leave of absence

As an employee, you may face situations where you need to take time off of work and concentrate on an important issue. Whether you or a family member is suffering from a serious medical condition or you have just given birth to a baby, you may be required to take a break from work for a few weeks.  The Family Medical Leave Act may provide workers with the assurance that they will not lose their job while they are out taking care of these important matters. However, you must meet certain criteria before you can receive this benefit.

Men are objects of sexual harassment too

When people think about the subject of sexual harassment, they often picture women being harassed by men. While sexual harassment toward women is more common, men can also be the object of harassment in the workplace. An increasing number of women are accepting positions in high corporate management, giving them power over many employees and departments. In these roles, women are in a better position to make inappropriate comments and threats to people who they oversee on a regular basis.

A look at national origin discrimination

Sadly, employees who work in all sorts of fields continue to face discrimination on a regular basis. Sometimes, they are unlawfully discriminated against based on their age, gender or race. However, there are other forms of discrimination that may not always receive as much attention, such as national origin discrimination. In Los Angeles, and all throughout California, it is pivotal for employees who witness illegal discrimination or believe they have experienced discrimination firsthand to address the situation right away.

Workplace breaks explained

If you are an employee in California, it can be difficult to know what the law says about when and how often you can take breaks from work. Some employers may give you exact guidelines, but others may not. No matter how much information you are given from your boss, it can be a good idea to double check the law and be sure you are getting what you deserve. We at The Kaufman Law Firm work hard to not only fight for employee rights in court, but also educate you on what the law says.

Is your employer discriminating against you due to a disability?

Living with a disability is difficult. Basic tasks like dressing or commuting to work can be much harder. That doesn't mean that you are any less qualified for your job than non-disabled co-workers. All too often, however, employers choose to discriminate against workers who have disabilities. This discrimination can take many forms. In some cases, an employer will simply choose not to hire someone with visible disabilities after learning about them. In other cases, an employer may intentionally pay a disabled worker less for the same job when compared with other coworkers.

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