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Can you sue for discrimination at work over sexual orientation?

Sometimes no matter how hard you work, how early you show up or late you stay, it never seems like enough. You are continually passed up for promotions, special assignments, or bonuses. Every review you receive is stellar, but you can't seem to get any recognition for it. You begin to suspect that you are being treated differently from the other employees. This post will go over workplace discrimination.

Discrimination in the workplace place based on sexual orientation is banned by both federal and California law. Discrimination means that you are treated differently. Normally, that would not be a problem, but when you are treated differently because of your sexual orientation, that becomes unlawful, and thus you can recover compensation.

But it is important to keep in mind that the government does make exceptions for employers who object based on religious grounds. There is a fine line between justified and unjustified religious expression (i.e. someone who uses religion to mask their true discriminatory intent). An attorney can help you sift through the obfuscation, to arrive at the right answer. It is important to keep in mind that proving these cases can be tricky; there is a lot of the claim that relies on the intent of the people involved. Establishing intent, sufficient to win a case, is complicated and requires time and effort.

If you believe that you were fired or discriminated against because of your sexual orientation, then you may want to speak to a lawyer. A lawyer can go over your case and help you determine the best way to pursue a recovery for a violation of your civil rights . Not everyone needs to resort to a lawsuit. You can also report your employer to regulatory agencies who investigate and can levy fines, some of which you might recover as compensation. An attorney can go over each option, to help you determine the best way to redress the wrongs against you.

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