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What impact could a Trump Presidency have on employment law?

It is a popular question lately, what is President-elect Trump going to do? He has surprised many people by his choices for Cabinet, his continued use of Twitter and his ongoing tour across the battleground states espousing his victory. But what has many workers worried is how President Trump is going to address the concerns of the everyday worker.

President-elect Trump mainly built his campaign around an economic message geared toward American workers. But, since the election, he has taken some moves that leave his supporters befuddled. He selected Andrew Puzder to head the Department of Labor. Mr. Puzder is a well-known opponent of the increase to minimum wage and sick leave, both coveted employee rights.

Another concern involves workplace discrimination protections. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is currently implementing its Strategic Enforcement Plan to enhance its ability to investigate and prosecute violators of the Title VII protections (anti-discrimination).

Another major issue that President Trump may dismantle is President Obama's call to restrict non-compete agreements. Non-compete agreements restrict a worker's ability to change employers. They can be extremely restrictive and result in workers being forced to leave cities to find work.

Do you think your employer violated your rights as an employee? If so, then you may want to speak with an attorney and get some legal advice. There are multiple layers of protection for workers including federal and state law and your contract with your employer (the employee handbook counts as a contract). All of these bodies of law provide for your hourly pay and employee benefits. A lawyer can review each body of law to advise you on your option for compensation or relief.

Source: Above the Law, "What President Trump Will Do To Employment Law Will Make You Dizzy," Richard B. Cohen, December 15, 2016

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