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Workers' compensation in California explained

California first introduced workers' compensation in 1913. Workers' compensation is a no-fault insurance system, which means that no one tries to prove fault. By removing fault, employees and employers don't spend money and energy fighting out legal battles and instead focus on verifying injuries, tallying costs and disbursing payments. The worker receives less money and the employer saves money that would otherwise be spent on litigation. It is designed to improve quality of life for all parties involved.

An overview of California sexual harassment law

Sexual harassment is a complicated problem to tackle. Sexual interactions and tension among people is hard to quantify and address. There are many fine lines that shift depending upon the people involved and the situation at hand. California has attempted to address this problem with the Fair Employment and Housing Act. The FEHA is enforced by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. This article will explore how California defines sexual harassment and your employer's liability.

Government contractors get a new minimum wage this year

You may not have heard, but government contractors got a raise this year. In February of 2014, the Obama Administration issued Executive Order 13658 which directed the Department of Labor to raise the minimum wage for federal contractors. Mostly it was to assist contractors who work in construction and service, two industries with typically low pay scales.

An overview of your rights as a construction worker

Construction sites are among the most dangerous places to work. So, as a result, safety is an overarching concern. In response to this, and many other dangerous professions, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This law empowered the Department of Labor to increase safety standards. The Department tasked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration with drafting and promulgating rules to regulate workplace safety. This is the entity that you should look to when trying to ascertain your rights and if you believe your employer has violated them.

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