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How to handle being wrongfully terminated Being terminated is always traumatic. No matter how expe

Being terminated is always traumatic. No matter how experienced you are, it remains a gut-wrenching feeling. A wrongful termination results when your boss violates an employment contract, or you are fired for an illegal reason. The nature of your employment determines how you may be let go. Most employees are at-will, but employment contracts do occur, even inadvertently. The courts recognize both written and oral contracts. Consulting an attorney can clarify if you are at-will or contract, then you may proceed with enforcing your rights.

If you are a contract employee, then your boss must have good cause to fire you such as incompetence or theft. If you are at-will, then your employer may fire you for any reason, so long as it is not illegal. Your attorney may be able to pierce through the drama to get to the meat of your issue. Specifically, retaining an attorney may clarify how you recover and what you may recover. Speaking to an attorney experienced in class actions and with a wide litigation experience could possibly ensure that all of your possible claims are heard. Class actions are lawsuits in which multiple people join because they all suffered similar harm. Class actions are useful during employment disputes because it allows workers to band together and challenge a powerful employer.

Your attorney will likely ask for copies of the employee handbook, about the circumstances of your firing, and copies of any letters regarding your firing. By sifting through these documents, your attorney can clarify your legal position. Specifically, if your employer followed proper procedure when they let you go. For example, if any discrimination or retaliation claims exist or if your employer tried to fire you because you refused to commit an illegal act.

Employment lawsuits may seem straightforward, but they can quickly grow complex. If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated, then consulting with an experienced employment law attorney can help you understand your rights and assess any potential claims. Just because you were fired does not mean you don’t have rights. Speaking to an experienced lawyer may help to confirm if your termination was lawful. You work hard; you deserve fair compensation.

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