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September 2015 Archives

Awareness of your rights can make all the difference

Knowing your rights as an employee is an important part of getting the most out of your working life. Unfortunately, all too many workers in California do not know the full extent of their entitlements and their employer's obligations toward them. This can often result in serious breaches of employee rights that go unreported for prolonged periods, if not indefinitely. The affected workers can then end up feeling helpless to improve their situation, not realizing that there is legal protection to support them.

How frequent should paychecks be in California?

Throughout California, workers receive vastly different wages and not always for doing different levels of work. Sometimes it comes down to the fairness of your employer or the success of their enterprise. However, there are laws in place dictating the minimum wages they are expected to pay, so if you are under this threshold, it is time to stand up and fight for your right to fair pay.

Former employee sues grocer over termination

In California, there are many employees who could tell you that every job has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, some jobs are more down than up, especially when your employer ignores your rights and treats you unfairly. Worse still, if you complain, you may be afraid of retaliation and the possibility of being fired for standing up for yourself.

Where do you turn when suffering harassment at work?

Throughout California, there are many employees who endure working conditions that are far from ideal. Everyone has bad days at work, but some individuals have to deal with unsafe working conditions, discrimination, unfair wages or even harassment. All of these things are incredibly difficult to deal with, yet many employees worry that if they stand up for their rights, it could cost them their job.

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