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Do not stand for unfair dismissal

In California, people lose their jobs every week, yet many of them do not deserve to be fired. Unfortunately, all too many employers abuse their power by treating employees unfairly. Some discriminate against workers for reasons that are unconnected with their job performance, while others retaliate against employees who have gone against their wishes. Whatever the reason, unfair dismissal should not be tolerated, and you deserve to have your case heard.

Are you entitled to overtime wages?

Many workers in California work extra hours from time to time. Sometimes an emergency comes up at work, or an important deadline simply has to be met. In other cases you may be helping out when other employees are on vacation or simply picking up a few extra shifts at the request of your boss. Whatever the case, it is important to consider whether you are being fairly paid for the time you are putting in.

McDonald's branch accused of age discrimination

The longer you have held your position, the greater your experience and, by extension, the better you are likely to be a your job. If you are a hardworking employee, you might hope that after several years of good work, you may be valued by the company. Often this is the case, but sadly this is not always how things work out. All too often, long-standing, diligent workers are unfairly dismissed in favor of younger staff.

Document all details of harassment at work

In California, a surprising number of workers experience unfair treatment every day, at the hands of their colleagues or even employers. This can come in many forms, but one particularly distressing and harmful form of mistreatment is sexual harassment. This affects both male and female employees and can seriously diminish an individual's confidence, emotional well-being and even their ability to do their job.

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