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Sexual harassment is not always physical

Throughout California, many workers suffer unfair treatment from their colleagues or employers. This can take many forms and occur for many reasons, but often this mistreatment is rooted in some form of discrimination. A particularly common variety of this is discrimination based on gender or sexuality. Employees find themselves being targeted with unwanted sexual advances, lewd or inappropriate comments or even condescending remarks based on their gender.

You should not be mistreated for your religion

Religion is a very personal thing and in a diverse state like California, you are likely to meet people from a wide range of religious persuasions. Some are very open about their beliefs, while others practise their faith more privately. Whatever the case, it is an individual choice and one that should not make a difference to the way you are viewed or treated at work.

Were you unfairly dismissed?

Many employees in California have had the unpleasant experience of losing their job at one time or another. The problem is that you do not necessarily need to have done anything wrong for your employer to decide to dismiss you. It could even be as simple as them wanting to thin out their workforce.

Your employer may be required to accommodate your disability

Many workers in California give their all to their jobs, knowing that by working hard and showing their aptitude, they are more likely to be able to hold on to their positions. The world of work is often competitive and it can be hard to find something that pays the bills. This is even more the case if you have a disability as it may limit the range of jobs that you are physically able to do.Despite these limitations, there may still be many positions that you are able to fill. However, in some circumstances the requirements of the job might need to be adjusted somewhat to accommodate you. Never be afraid to request that your employer takes steps to make things more accessible for you. He or she is required by law to make reasonable accommodations to enable you to do your job.

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