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January 2015 Archives

Know how to react to losing your job

Being dismissed from your job is never a pleasant experience. However, as many workers in California know, it can happen all too easily, particularly if you get on the wrong side of your employer. There are several reasons that you could be dismissed and not all of them are legal. However, it is not always easy to immediately prove that your dismissal was unfair. As such, it is important to know what to do in the meantime.

New employment laws come into effect in 2015

Keeping up with the changes in state legislation can be difficult and this is no different in California. As such, you may not always be as informed about your rights as you might hope. For example, according to the California Chamber of Commerce, 2015 will see over 30 employment laws come into effect in 2015. Furthermore, some of these may have a significant impact on your employee rights.

Sexual harassment is never acceptable

It is a growing problem in California that workers are subjected to unwanted sexual comments and advances from their colleagues and superiors. Sadly, too few employers take steps to combat this issue, while the employees subjected to this unfair treatment are left unsure what to do. It can be extremely difficult to talk about harassment openly and just as challenging to prove that it is occurring.

Are you entitled to overtime pay?

For many employees in California, the working week is more than enough. It can be hard to find time to run a home and hold down a job. There are simply too few hours in the day. Yet all too often many employees are called on to work extra shifts or an excessive number of hours. However, in many cases these employees are entitled to extra pay for the free time they have sacrificed.

Recognize discrimination in your workplace

The amount of unfair treatment to which employees in California are exposed is unacceptable. Sadly, it is the same throughout the United States. While many employers are fair and diligent, all too many remain who are unable to show any respect to their employees. Some go as far as to criticize them for personal characteristics such as their appearance or even their gender.

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