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November 2014 Archives

How do you file a discrimination complaint in California?

Being harassed at work for any reason is extremely unpleasant. When you just want to get your job done, the last thing you need is someone creating a hostile work environment, criticizing and attacking you. Unfortunately. many workers in California face this sort of treatment every day as the result of discrimination from their colleagues or employers.

At-will employees can still be subject to wrongful termination

If you are employed in California, there is a good chance that you are subject to employment-at-will rules. This means that you could be dismissed from your position for almost any reason, or no reason at all and at any time. If you do not have a contract and no specific agreement regarding the duration of your employment, there is a good chance that this will apply to you.

California worker sues employer for interference with her FMLA

No matter your line of work, it is important to be aware of your rights as an employee. Even if you have only recently taken a job, you may be eligible for certain consideration, particularly if you have medical issues. Your employer should inform you of your rights, but all too often this does not happen. Taking the time to investigate and understand your situation fully can be extremely beneficial.

Do not stand for sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is unacceptable in any area of life and the workplace is no exception. You have the right to fair treatment and you should not have to suffer a hostile work environment. Sadly, many workers in California experience sexual abuse and harassment from colleagues or superiors every day. So prevalent is the problem that, as we saw previously, California's governor has signed a bill to protect farmworkers from this type of mistreatment.

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