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October 2014 Archives

What can you recover with a wage claim?

It can be hard to earn enough to live on in California, especially if you are on minimum wage. The last thing you need is for those wages to go unpaid, or for you not to receive the full sum that you are owed. Wage and hour laws require your employer to pay you for the time you work, including overtime and commissions. If this does not happen, you have the right to challenge him or her and attempt to recover the amount you are owed.

Workplace discrimination is illegal in California

Fair treatment is an essential element of a happy working environment. Sadly, it is not something that all employees in California benefit from. However, as we have seen before, many workers are subjected to demeaning, insulting or otherwise unfair treatment in their place of work at the hands of colleagues and superiors. Often, at the root of this mistreatment is intolerance, although this can take many forms.

How do you know if you have been illegally dismissed?

Losing your job is a horrible experience. Not only can it be upsetting and humiliating, it may leave you with severe financial worries. How will you keep up with day-to-day expenses? Furthermore, what happens if you have a family? In a previous article, we discussed the options that may be available to you if you are removed from your job unfairly or illegally. But how can you be sure if this is the case?

California moves to protect farmworkers from sexual harassment

No one should have to endure sexual abuse or harassment in any area of their life and the workplace is no exception.  Unfortunately, all too many employees are subjected to inappropriate comments, requests and even physical abuse.  To make things worse, many fear that reporting this unacceptable behavior may cost them their jobs.  However, after a 2013 report highlighting sexual harassment of farm workers in the state, California has moved to combat this concerning issue.

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