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Former CNN employee files discrimination suit

Everyone has the right to be fairly treated in their workplace. For a business to be successful, it requires the cooperation of its employees and this is best secured by treating them correctly. Unfortunately, across California, many employees go unpaid, suffer discrimination or become embroiled in workplace disputes, creating a hostile environment. Some have their employment terminated altogether, either in retaliation for a complaint, or as a discriminatory action.

Such befell a 33-year-old technical operator during his employment with CNN. Known for his brightly colored clothes, including elaborate mariachi outfits, believes his eventual dismissal was as a result of his sexuality. The $60 million lawsuit alleges discrimination. He recalls that the workplace seemed to become hostile after his supervisor discovered that he was gay. After this, the same supervisor criticized him for his clothes on a number of occasions, even calling them too flamboyant.

Nevertheless, other CNN employees repeatedly praised his style, with one CNN anchor describing him as the best dressed man present on the show. Furthermore, he states that he was never made aware of a dress code that would have forbidden him from wearing the bright clothes he was recognized for. Since his dismissal in 2013, he fears that he may not find another career in television.

Although it is a high-profile case, at its heart, this is no different to a dispute over employee rights you might see in California. Irresponsible and discriminatory employers must be held accountable for their actions or they will continue to persecute their employees. you deserve to have your side of the story heard. An attorney may be able to help you present your case and seek compensation for your unfair treatment.

Source: New York Daily News, "Ex-CNN employee claims boss fired him for being gay, called him ‘flamboyant’ in $60 million suit," John Marzulli, May 23, 2014

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