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LA police officers accused of sexual harassment

Los Angeles is the location of a very serious sexual harassment filed by a female police officer who was assigned to the East Los Angeles Sheriff's station. She claims that there is some sort of "sex club" where some of the female officers at the station would perform sexual acts for the male officers. She said she was shown photos that showed these sexual acts, and the she was encouraged to drink and party so that she could be "one of the girls."

The woman also says that a group of male officers called the "Banditos" perpetuated this harassment. What the female officer does not have is the backing of her fellow female officers. They reject the notion of a "sex club" and say that her allegations hurt their reputations as female officers.

The woman's lawsuit is moving forward, and it will be some time before the case is finalized. But this story is yet another reminder of how terrible sexual harassment can be in a workplace, and that the victim of the harassment needs to do everything he or she can to document the harassment. In addition, the victim needs to go about the complaint process in an appropriate manner.

For example, if you are sexually harassed in the workplace, you can make a complaint with your employer. They must then take steps to address the sexual harassment. If they fail to do this, then your sexual harassment lawsuit will carry that much more weight, because your employer could be liable in addition to the employee who harassed you.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Female Deputies Speak Out Against Lawsuit Claiming Sexual Harassment," Willian Avila, April 6, 2014

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