Experienced Attorney For Unpaid Commissions Claims

Employees who are paid on commission face unique challenges when it comes to wage and hour claims. It takes an experienced employment lawyer with an in-depth understanding of the law to guide clients through these challenges toward a successful outcome.

I am one such attorney. Having handled thousands of unpaid compensation claims on behalf of sales professionals in private and class-action lawsuits, I have the demonstrated experience and record of success needed to help you pursue justice when your pay has been illegally withheld. Though my offices are located in the Los Angeles area, I represent those with unpaid commissions claims throughout the state of California.

Things To Consider With Unpaid Commissions

The court looks at several factors when it comes to commission disputes. One is whether the payment is in fact a commission. Under California law, commission wages refer to the compensation paid as a percentage of the price of a product or service sold. Year-end bonuses and other discretionary payments may not be considered commissions since they are not necessarily tied to an employee's performance — they are given at the employer's discretion.

Second, the established agreement between the employer and employee is important. If an employer agrees to pay the employee on his or her ability to sell products or services, then it is required by law to honor that agreement. Furthermore, the employer cannot rewrite the terms of the agreement after sales have been made, or if it does, it cannot arbitrarily make changes that will deny the employee his or her commission.

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I have developed particular experience helping sales professionals — particularly those in the Silicon Valley operating in the technology and software-related industries — with unpaid commissions issues. Because these cases can differ significantly based upon the individual contract and circumstances, it is highly important to contact a qualified attorney to understand your options for pursuing a claim. I offer a free initial consultation for this very reason.

Pursuing Commissions Class-Action Lawsuits

In addition to private claims, I have successfully led over 100 employment class-action lawsuits, many of which involved unpaid commissions claims. Commission cases lend themselves to class actions because often many employees with the same commission plans have suffered the same injustices in terms of payment (or nonpayment). Additionally, the expense of pursuing a private claim may simply be too high for one individual. As part of a class action, that individual can thus receive justice.

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